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Floral arrangements for EasterApril 1st 2017  10-3


Easter hand tied Bouquet

Learn how to make a hand tied bouquet with spring flowers and fresh foliage. Gain an understanding of the mechanics and basic design principles of making a hand tied while also learning to care and extend the life of your fresh flowers.

Materials required -

A selection of fresh foliage, preferably hardy greenery with no new growth. Good foliage’s would be pittosporum, eucalyptus, euouymus, ferns, hebe. A mixed selection of your choice in spring flowers such as iris, tulips, narcissi, roses, daffodils ect... Choose colours that work well together, however a mixed palette at spring is lovely, fresh and colourful!

You will need enough materials to fill a vase you have at home but if we have time I will also demonstrate how to wrap a hand tied as a gift.


Easter arrangement

Create an arrangement for your Easter table using seasonal materials such as willow and hazel as well as spring flowers and fresh foliage’s.

Materials required -

I will supply the containers for this part but if there is something you would rather use then please do bring it along. I will also supply the willow and hazel but again you will need a mixture of fresh foliage and flowers, not quite as much as you will require for the hand tied but enough to create a design in 3 terracotta pots.

You can supply your own material but if you are unsure and would rather I select some for you and save you a job! I would be happy to bring everything you need at a cost of £30.00 per person for both parts to the day.